The UK’s largest provider of asset finance.


Lombard is the UK’s largest asset finance partner. With a legacy that stretches back 150 years, today Lombard helps businesses obtain the vehicles, machinery, equipment, technology, marine vessels, and aircraft they need to grow with confidence.

Asset finance is a form of funding that uses the asset as security and helps businesses maintain working capital, which can be used for other business needs. It is a flexible way of funding capital investment without taking money out of reserves.

Today's businesses need to invest in up-to-date assets to achieve sustainable growth, and Lombard strive to make it easier for businesses to access the finance they need to reach their goals.

Lombard’s support doesn't end at asset finance. It also assists businesses by connecting them with quality banking services, vehicle funding and fleet management, and specialist technology solutions that help take businesses to the next level.


  • Lombard partners with ALD Automotive, a specialist in vehicle leasing that operates in more than 43 countries. This partnership delivers insights, tools and solutions to businesses looking to maintain or grow their fleet operations, whatever the size – a service that is increasingly needed as the economy decarbonizes.
  • Lombard also partners with Transport for London (TfL), the capital’s transport authority. As the city carries out Mayor Sadiq Khan's strategy for achieving cleaner air quality, businesses require support and guidance on how their operations can adapt to evolving commitments and regulations, such as the expansion of the ULEZ in 2023. Helping them to reduce harmful emissions mirrors Lombard’s purpose to be a sustainable finance provider.
  • Lombard and McCain Foods, the manufacturer of frozen potato products, and have come together with an exciting new offering to reduce financial barriers for potato farmers who are transitioning to sustainable agricultural practices. The transition to more sustainable farming practices often requires up-front investments in new equipment and practices from farmers, which can create a barrier to uptake. Lombard will be offering a first-of-its-kind initiative in the UK. This will see the bank offer additional financial support to McCain potato farmers. In addition, McCain has also committed to offering a contribution towards the interest payable for assets that support regenerative agriculture practices.

Did you know?

  • Lombard helps businesses finance everything from cars and vans to 3D printers, potato bagging plants to anaerobic digesters, the Welsh Rugby coach to solar power digital signage on the M1.
  • Lombard’s customers have included the owners of Europe’s largest vodka bottling plant, the UK’s only washing machine manufacturer and the special effects company for movies such as The Hunger Games, Marvel films, James Bond and Batman.
  • Lombard’s biggest deal was worth more than £395m and involved financing 78 trains for Virgin Rail.

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