Supporting customers in vulnerable situations

At any time, a customer may find themselves either in a vulnerable situation or caring for a loved one experiencing a vulnerability. The impact of cost of living has meant that for many of our customers this has been a reality in 2022. We’ve established a One Bank Centre of Excellence to drive forward our approach & support to customers in vulnerable situations.

In 2022, we continued to work with organisations such as GamCare and Citizens Advice to improve the support available to customers in vulnerable situations, connecting them to expert advice where appropriate. We continued to run digital lessons and fraud and scam awareness events remotely via virtual delivery.

We also have dedicated teams available to support customers in Financial Difficulty as well as having a dedicated Customer Protection Team to engage with customers at risk of harm and support them, leveraging external partnerships.

Banking My Way

Every single one of our customers is different. We continue to develop ‘Banking My Way’ letting our customers tell us more about themselves and the support they need. Whether that’s a requirement for a sign language interpreter, or braille documentation or simply needing to speak slower. There’s an array of adjustments we can provide to adapt to our customers’ needs. Customers can also alert us to such adjustments in our branches, via our telephony teams, mobile and online. So far, over 136,000 people have registered for Banking My Way.

Whatever our customers’ needs, Banking My Way means all of our frontline colleagues are aware of them every single time they contact the bank – allowing us to provide the right support from the outset.

For more details, please see our 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Supplement (PDF 9.6MB)

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