Speaking up is valued at NatWest Group. It is part of our culture and key to becoming a Purpose-led organisation.

We want everyone to feel confident to raise any concerns they have about wrongdoing or misconduct without fear of retaliation.

‘Speak Up’ is the bank’s whistleblowing service, enabling individuals to raise concerns in confidence (and anonymously if preferred). The reporting service is operated by an independent third on behalf of NatWest Group.

Speak Up

Our Speak Up Policy (PDF 179KB) is purposely broad, applying to anyone who acquires information about wrongdoing through work related activity, during recruitment, or as part of any pre-contractual negotiations. It covers all employees and those acting on behalf of or representing NatWest Group such as contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, temporary staff, secondees, consultants, interns, and volunteers. This also includes any persons formerly in these roles.


There is no definitive list of what can be reported via Speak Up – we want to know about any concern’s regarding wrongdoing or misconduct that affects NatWest Group, its customers, employees, shareholders, or the public. All whistleblowing concerns are fully investigated, as appropriate. Where concerns are substantiated, recommendations are made for remedial action. This can include changes to processes and controls, as well as disciplinary actions.


Framework Integrity

We commit to protecting anyone raising a genuine concern from detrimental treatment, even if the concern raised is unsubstantiated (not proven) after investigation. The mistreatment or dismissal of anyone raising a genuine concern will be viewed as a disciplinary matter.

The NatWest Group Audit Committee (GAC) monitors the effectiveness of the Group’s whistleblowing process and receives updates on the volume of whistleblowing reports and any common themes. The GAC Chairman acts as the Group’s whistleblowing champion.    

NatWest Group is a member and supporter of Protect, the whistleblowing charity, working together to improve whistleblowing arrangements and protection for whistleblowers.

Creating a healthy culture

In April 2023, our colleague opinion survey, Our View, reflected that the majority of colleagues feel safe to speak up, understand how to raise concerns within their business, and are confident any concerns raised will be handled appropriately.

Reporting in 2022

Raising concerns

Individuals can raise concerns about wrongdoing identified through work related activity, during recruitment, or as part of any pre-contractual negotiations using our whistleblowing service, Speak Up.  

For more on Speak Up, including how to raise a concern, visit https://natwestgroup.ethicspoint.com/.