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Exceptional service tailored to each client’s needs sits at the very heart of Coutts. The private bank adopts a personal and innovative approach to helping those with wealth to save, borrow and invest their money for themselves, their families and their future. Its people strive to provide the ‘human touch’ every step of the way, supported by technology that makes it easier for clients to manage their ever-changing needs.

Having helped affluent people for over three centuries, Coutts understands what it means to be wealthy – the opportunities it brings and the challenges it creates. Its experts are therefore ideally positioned to become trusted partners to their clients, helping them make the most of their money today and for years to come.

From day-to-day banking to bespoke borrowing, from philanthropy to the family business, Coutts helps its clients thrive. It’s a firm believer in sustainability, and keeps its clients informed on how it’s doing right by both people and planet.

The bank also opens doors to many unique opportunities for its clients, through its strong network of influential people, powerful insight into today’s hot topics and carefully curated events.

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Proud to be a certified B Corp ™

As a certified B Corp, Coutts has made a binding commitment to focus as much attention on its social and environmental impact as it does on profit and performance. This means clients can always rely on Coutts to provide exceptional levels of service, whilst managing their wealth responsibly.

History of Coutts

Coutts has a rich and colourful history spanning more than 300 years which underpins the business’s values and unique approach to managing the needs of clients at every stage of their wealth.

Coutts was founded in 1692 by John Campbell. Thomas Coutts joined the business in 1761 and is widely credited with instilling the qualities of trust, understanding and expertise that continue to drive Coutts today.

When Thomas died in 1822, his estate and a 50% share in the bank passed to his second wife, Harriot, and the business assumed the name Coutts & Co. As senior partner, Harriot (later Duchess of St Albans) took an active interest in the business, deciding that her fortune should be passed to a family member at her death.

Consequently, in 1837, Angela Burdett – who at 24 was the youngest of Thomas’s grandchildren – inherited the interest in a trust that included the half-share in the bank.

Angela devoted much of her inheritance to philanthropy, helped by notable aides like Charles Dickens – a legacy that The Coutts Foundation builds on today.

Coutts became an unlimited liability company in 1892 and in 1919, amalgamated with the National Provincial & Union Bank of England Ltd in order to take full advantage of the post-war market and compete with larger banks.

The merger of the Westminster Bank and the National Provincial in 1969 saw Coutts form part of the larger NatWest group. In 1987, Coutts gained international representation when it first established operations in Geneva.

In 2015, Coutts announced the sale of its Swiss bank, Coutts & Co. Limited in line with a strategic focus on the key markets of importance to clients. Today, Coutts maintains a strong focus on meeting the needs of international clients with an affinity to the UK.


The mission of The Coutts Foundation is to support sustainable approaches to tackle the causes and consequences of poverty, focusing on the communities in which Coutts has a presence. This mission builds on the legacy of Angela Burdett-Coutts, the granddaughter of Thomas Coutts, who was a progressive 19th century philanthropist concerned with breaking cycles of poverty and providing basic human needs. At this time, the core focus of the Foundation is supporting women and girls in the UK.


Modern banking with a renowned tradition of service.

Objective advice, driven by intelligent and trusted relationships.

Timely and innovative services, delivered by sector specialists. 

Meeting the highest environmental, social and governance standards.

Supporting sustainable approaches for tackling poverty.

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