Executive management team

The Executive Management team supports the Group Chief Executive Officer in managing NatWest Group’s businesses. The team reviews, challenges and debates relevant items and supports the Group Chief Executive Officer in forming recommendations to the Board. Matters include strategy, financials, capital, risk and operational issues affecting the NatWest Group as well as monitoring the implementation of cultural change and executive succession planning. The Executive Management team actively promotes NatWest Group’s culture, values and purpose.

Group Chief Executive Officer

Group Chief Financial Officer

Group Chief Risk Officer

Interim CEO, Coutts and Wealth Businesses

CEO, Retail Banking

CEO, Commercial & Institutional non ring-fenced bank and CEO, NatWest Markets

Group Chief Information Officer

CEO of RBS International

Group Chief Audit Executive

Group Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel

Group Chief People & Transformation Officer

Group Chief Marketing Officer

Group Director of Strategy, Corporate Development & Sustainability

Group Chief of Staff

Chief Governance Officer and Company Secretary