Bank of APIs

At NatWest Group, we’ve been building on the foundations of Open Banking by creating ‘the Bank of APIs’ – an API ecosystem that brings an increasingly wide variety of our services to customers and partners in new and innovative ways.

Our Bank of APIs website can help you discover the full range of APIs we offer our customers and partners. It can also help you understand the different ways our APIs can be used, as well as the benefits they can bring.

We offer APIs that can:

  • Help our business and corporate customers access our services through their own systems
  • Help customers access our everyday banking services in new and convenient ways
  • Make it easier for businesses to onboard and authenticate their customers

We also provide developers with all the tools they need to rapidly build and test API-enabled solutions:

  • Technical documentation to help connect our APIs to your app
  • Sandbox for building and testing your solutions
  • Support from our API Service Desk with your technical queries

Customers and partners who would like to use our APIs are welcome to get in touch with us to discuss opportunities.